About Us.

Funded by NSW Government and sponsored by Macquarie University, our team has put together tools for older adults to achieve better brain health in one easy box

Our Vision

We are a research initiative that aims to improve awareness of older adults’ brain health, dementia and its risk factors.

Our goal is to demonstrate that everyday activities can make a difference in supporting older adults’ brain health.

The science behind it...

BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM has been developed using evidence-based research about the modifiable risk factors for dementia.

Our survey and BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM Box focus on lifestyle factors which research suggests when modified will reduce your risk of dementia, even in later life.

By participating in our online survey and using the resources in the BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM Box you will be providing invaluable input into future research on public health initiatives to encourage and support brain healthy, sustainable lifestyles for seniors.

Ready to start your journey to a healthier brain?