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What's in the BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM box?

Our free BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM Box is made specifically for people 65 and over. It aims to empower you to manage your own health with simple and easy ways to live a lifestyle that is healthy, active and strengthens your brain.

Information booklet

Facts and resources about lifestyle behaviours that can impact your risk of dementia.

Brain health profile

Know the aspects of your lifestyle that contribute to a healthy brain and where you can improve.

Five items inside

These will help you make small, sustainable lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of dementia.

Better brain health delivered to your door.

My team and I spoke to over 300 older adults and found that many people were missing out on simple strategies that could reduce their risk of dementia. This must change and that’s when the idea to create a Brain Bootcamp began.

Founded by Dr Joyce Siette, a Research Theme Fellow at Western Sydney University, BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM aims to enhance your knowledge and awareness of dementia and its modifiable risk factors.

Last year we offered >800 FREE BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM boxes designed to help seniors to age successfully. Early findings show that the program was acceptable and impactful. Check out our Proof page for more information and join us in our other research projects targeting successful ageing.

A big thank you to all our participants.


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What's next?

Our research initiative aims to support you by delivering to your door free tools and resources that will help you make changes in your daily life to support a healthier mind. We have a limited number of boxes available now.

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Why get involved?

Evidence-based items

Your BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM Box will include items that represent lifestyle behaviours that contribute to dementia. These will assist you in making small and simple changes to your habits that will benefit your overall brain health.


After completing the online survey in your own time, your BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM box is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Maintain your
brain health

The survey will help us to develop your personalised brain health profile. The information, resources and items provided in the BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM Box will guide you in sustaining your brain health in the long-term.


Alongside creating your personalised brain health profile, this is the first box designed specifically for older adults, with items and resources provided for free to help you achieve better brain health.

Evidence-based items

At BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM we understand that everyone has different needs. We take the time to get to know you through our online survey and ensure your brain health profile represents you and your lifestyle.

Contribute to research

As the first individual to ever receive a BRAIN BOOTCAMPTM Box your experience will be invaluable in supporting and improving similar brain health initiatives in the future.

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How it works

Register &
complete survey

Enter your details and complete the survey you will receive to generate your own brain health profile.


Your box will arrive within 7 days, filled with resources and items for you to use immediately.

Review your
brain progress

In 3 months, we’ll send a reminder to complete the survey once again to update your brain health profile.

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